Aqua injection wax in drops - FIRE&FROST - PZ-J 533HA-P-BG-5LB

AQUA Fire&Frost is a wax developed to have very high fluidity, excellent for production of a wide variety of models with different shapes, volumes and sizes. Excellent for reproduction of delicate designs where the model sections are very thin and high flexibility and resistance are required for an easier removal from the mould. Moreover, this wax has low shrinkage and excellent surface quality with very good replication of detail. Thanks to its features, it’s suitable for pre-stone-setting. Fire&Frost waxes are produced in the US with the purest, high quality synthetic raw materials.

Color: aquamarine green

Casting temperature: 64,4°C – 71,1°C

Solidification temperature: 59,4°C – 66,1°C

Viscosity (a 76,6°C): 200 +/- 50 cps

Hardess (tip penetration 450 g a 25°C): 33,0 dmm

Ash content: 0,005 %

Recommended injection pressure: 0,14 – 0,42 bar

Recommended injection temperature: 68° - 72°C

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