DURA GREEN injection wax in drops - FIRE&FROST - PZ-J 521 HGN-P-BG-5L

Fire&Frost DURA GREEN wax has been developed to obtain hardness and flexibility for removal from the mould of complex jewels or big-size accessories.

It has high viscosity, very low shrinkage and high replication of surface detail. The reproductions realized with this wax retain their features unalterated for a long time and can be easily carved in a second time as to customize every single item.

Excellent for reproduction of complex-shaped and big-sized models.

This wax is suitable for injection in metal moulds and, thanks to its features, is suitable for pre-stone-setting. Fire&Frost waxes are produced in the US with the purest, high quality synthetic raw materials.

Color: Green

Casting temperature: 69,4°C

Solidification temperature: 62,8°C

Viscosity (a 76,6°C): 820 cps

Hardess (tip penetration 450 g a 25°C): 28,7 dmm

Ash content: 0,003 %

Recommended injection pressure: 0,60 – 1,00 bar

Recommended injection temperature: 70°C - 76°C

Code: 903058
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