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Kreo Blu cold-vulcanizing silicon rubber 10 kg - FOV

Bicomponent liquid silicone rubber for the creation of rigid molds, perfect for plane and small-sized models.

This item gave a twist to the goldsmithery sector for its speed. It reproduces the most particular details.

It can also be used for casting in the hobbystic field. In this case, filling a rigid mould in cast, aluminium or steel, you'll be able to create any kind of object. Non-toxic and odorless.

Vulcanization temperature: ambient

Hardness: 45SH

Mixing ratio: 1:1 of weight

Not sizeable shrinkage (0,01%)

Viscosity 23°C

Component A 25000 m/pas

Component B 25000 m/pas

Working time: 12-15 minutes

Final hardening time: 50 minutes

Code: 903505
Brand: FOV
Price not available

VAT not included

Specific format and measures
Hardness [sh] 45