1N-14 yellow gold micron solution for bath plating 4 g/l (ready-to-use)

GT4A1N is a mildly acidic gold plating electrolyte that deposits a color which precisly corrosponds to the normalized NIHS standard 1N-14 gold. 1N-14 can be described as a pale yellow color in 14 kt and it is common to country’s such as Germany, France, and Switzerland. The popularity of the color throughout Europe has made 1N-14 the color of choice for the majority of European fashion houses. The additional metals which are co-deposited with the gold as an alloy allow for an achievable thickness of 3 micron in a deposit which remains 99.7% gold by weight. The wider range of obtainable thicknesses combined with the ability to solder the plating deposit, allow for this electrolyte to be used in both technical and decorative applications.

Selling unit: Container of 1 L (enter quantity in Number)
Code: GT4A1N
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General information
Color Yellow - 1N
Metal concentration
Metal concentration range [g/l] 2.4-2.6
Metal concentration optimal [g/l] 2.5
Product form
Plating solution color Green
Solution form Liquid
Storage time 2 years
Volume 1 liter
Operating data
Agitation Moderate
Anode type Titanium platinized or mixed oxides
Current density [A/dm²] - range 0,2 - 1,0
Current density [A/dm²] - optimal 0.75
Cathode efficiency [mg/Amin] - range 30 - 50
Cathode efficiency [mg/Amin] - optimal 40
pH - range 3,2 - 4,0
pH - optimal 3.6
Working temperature [°C] - range 20 - 30
Working temperature [°C] - optimal 25.0
Voltage [V] - range 1,5 - 2,5
Voltage [V] - optimal 2
Solution density [°Bé] - range 12-15
Solution density [°Bé] - optimal 13.5
Deposition speed [sec] - range 0.143 um/min at 1A/dm^2
Deposit data
Density [g/cm³] 17
Hardness [HV 0.01] 200 - 400
Thickness range [µm] 0,5 - 20


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