Steam jet cleaner E5003 - FOV

Economic, compact, easy to use steam generator for cleaning jewelry. Useful for eliminating marks of waxes, cast and deoxidizers used in soldering. In the dental field, it's used to clean the models and wash the tools. This model produces saturated steam (humidity free), essential for a fast and deep cleaning while keeping the details dry. It's equipped with an exclusive water control system which stops automatically the heating when the level is minimum. In order to fill the tank, the machine must be turned off and pressure free.

Size: 37x43x25 cm

1 L graduated pitcher

6 bar steam pressure

Steam activation pedal

Filling funnel

Code: 962836
Brand: FOV
Price not available

VAT not included

Specific format and measures
Capacity [l] 4.8
H x L x W dimensions [mm] 440 x 230 x 350
Heater power [W] 2000
Pressure [bar] 6