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Wheeled silenced ultrasound washing machine 25 L - FOV

Wheeled ultrasound washing machine, essential for a fast and deep cleaning of any metallic item with irregular surface or complex geometric shapes. The cleaning process takes place through heating or a degreasing solution diluted in variable proportion according to the tank capacity and ultrasonic waves. It's used in several fields: jewelry making, silver making, costume jewelry, plating, dental, hobby. Silenced model with airtight door and drain tap.

Capacity: 25 L

Size: 550x450x870 mm

Tank: 350x250x300 mm

Automatic sweep function

Adjustable temp: 20-70°C

Ultrasound timer: 1-15 min

Ultrasound frequency: 26 Khz

Ultrasound power: 950 W

Heating power: 1500 W

Current: 220 V

Code: 962798
Brand: FOV
Price not available

VAT not included

Specific format and measures
Capacity [l] 25
H x L x W dimensions [mm] 870 x 550 x 450
Tank sizes [mm] h300 x 350 x 250
Ultrasound frequency [Hz] 38000
Model 25 HD-SILENT
Total weight [Kg] 38
Heating power [W] 1500
Ultrasonic power [W] 950